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How To Conduct Pressure Testing During The Acceptance Of Detachable Plate Heat Exchangers?

Introduce the pressure testing method for detachable plate heat exchangers:

1. Before pressure test: Check if the surface of the product is dry.

2. Pure water is used for pressure testing of the product, with a test pressure of 1.3 times the design pressure. The pressure holding time should be guaranteed between 30min and 60min. When conducting pressure testing of the product, the liquid temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃.

3. During pressure testing, slowly inject pure water into the detachable plate heat exchanger to maintain a slow increase in pressure. Once the test pressure is met, stop maintaining pressure and record the initial pressure value and the state of the plate heat exchanger. Record the actual pressure value at regular intervals. Check at least 3-5 times during each pressure test. After the pressure test, drain the liquid in a timely manner.

4. When conducting pressure tests in winter, it is important to check that the water injection system and instruments are functioning properly.

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