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How Can We Improve The Heating Function Of Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are commonly used equipment in chemical, petroleum, power, food, and many other industrial sectors, and have a wide range of applications, occupying an important position in production. The better the heating function of the rising plate heat exchanger is a concern for more and more enterprises.

1. Reduce the spacing between boards. By appropriately increasing the aspect ratio of existing plates, the heating quality of the plate heat exchanger can be improved, thereby improving the heating quality during equipment fouling operation.

2. In the selection calculation of plate heat exchangers, theoretically, if the selected area does not consider additional requirements, the heating quality of the equipment can meet the design requirements in the early stage of continuous use, but still cannot reach the specified secondary outlet temperature in the later stage. But if the heat exchange area increases by 15%, even in the later stage of continuous use of the equipment, the heating quality required by the design can still be guaranteed.

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