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Armstrong Heat Exchanger Plates

Armstrong heat exchanger plates provide full industry compatibility and offer a variety of materials and working pressures to meet the most demanding requirements.

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Features of Armstrong Heat Exchanger Plates

Reliable and Durable

Made of 316 stainless steel to provide better corrosion resistance, the Armstrong Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger is a reliable and durable solution for various industrial applications. 

Efficient and Optimal.

The Armstrong Plate Heat Exchanger is designed with efficiency and performance in mind. Its optimized plate design allows for efficient heat transfer between water and water, making it an ideal choice for HVAC applications.


With a maximum working pressure of up to 400 psi (2757 kPa), the Armstrong Heat Exchanger Plate can adapt to a wide range of applications that require higher working pressures. It ensures reliable operation and long-lasting performance in demanding environments.

High-Quality Manufacturing

China PHE is known for producing high-quality armstrong plate and frame heat exchanger, manufactured with precision and adherence to international standards, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

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