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Four Major Factors Affecting The Price Of Plate Heat Exchangers

The price of plate heat exchangers is not fixed, and the price of the same product varies at different times and locations. So what are the factors that affect the price changes of film equipment? Overall, there are four main reasons for equipment prices:

1, The material of the equipment is one factor that affects price fluctuations. The prices of carbon steel and stainless steel fluctuate from time to time, and generally, manufacturers provide quotations that have a cycle of effectiveness. So the price of steel will affect the price of equipment.

2, The regional distribution of manufacturers of plate heat exchangers affects the price setting. Why do you say that? The labor costs vary in different regions, and compared to a manufacturer in Shanghai and a manufacturer in Shandong, the cost may vary.

3, The size of the enterprise determines the price of equipment. If a company values quality and service, the cost space added to the price will also increase. If the company does not attach great importance, the cost added will be very low. But from the perspective of agency or procurement, an enterprise without after-sales service is not responsible.

4, Manufacturers have different technologies. The competition in the plate heat exchanger industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and many pressure vessel manufacturers can produce ordinary equipment, which has led to high and low price comparisons among many manufacturers.

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