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Analysis of the Solution to the Misalignment of Copper Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Generally speaking, there are many reasons for the misalignment of copper brazed plate heat exchangers, such as long-term use, multi-pass combination, and significant changes in medium flow and pressure. At this time, the equipment cannot withstand pressure, so this problem needs to be solved in a timely manner. We need to understand the specific reasons for plate misalignment before we can solve the problem.

The simple method for on-site treatment is to draw out the damaged plates and the plates with leakage of the Biosafety cabinet in pairs (A plate+B plate). If the number is not too large, the number of reduced channels is not too large, and the continued use after assembly will have little impact on production. This refers to the inability to replace equipment on site and the inability to shut down the equipment. If conditions permit, replacement is necessary.

The sealing gasket of the device slipped off the gasket groove. This process is misaligned, and the gasket that should be deformed on the plate slides out of the timely replacement gasket groove.

After the copper brazed plate heat exchanger plates are misaligned, external leakage quickly occurs; Although some leaks may not occur in a timely manner, they are a hidden concern of leakage, so they must be dealt with in a timely manner. The equipment needs to be maintained and operated during operation.

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