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heat exchanger gaskets suppliers

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China Plate Heat Exchange Co.,Ltd. provides 24h* 7 days a week services, you are welcome to call us or send us emails at anytime. Our professional sales team will support any of your requirements regarding to plate and frame heat exchangers. We ensure you could get high quality products with very reasonable prices from us. Choose us, we will help you win!

heat exchanger gaskets suppliers

Our History

alfa's engineer joined us
enlarge plate workshop
APV's engineer joined us
adding 15 units plate heat exchangers pressing equipments
funke's engineer joined us
adding gaskets production workshop
build overseas market sales team
enlarge workshops' area to 70 acres
enlarge overseas customers more than 3000 companies

Factory Show

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Quality Control


Before production

  • Step1: Raw material size check. Mainly for length * width + diagonal + plate thickness.

During production

  • Step2: The first plate is pressed, inspected by QC, to test if there is any cracks or flaws. Meantime, the depth of plate pressing is measured by the inspector and recorded.

  • Step3: Press the second sheet, and the operating worker and the mold technician will look at the plate together to check for scratches and other problems.

  • Step4: Batch pressing can begin after the pressing depth is measured in place and the surface is clear.

10 pieces for carefully inspection, if there is no problem within 10 pieces, then can be batch pressed. 50 pieces routing inspection, check cracks. And then it can be 150 pcs routing inspection, check cracks. Same as the mold technicians.


  • Peel off the scraps from the edges.

  • Measure the hardness.

  • Measure gaskets size, to match the plates, to see if the gaskets can be installed on plates well.

  • Bind 10pcs for a batch to carefully inspection.

Quality Control
China Plate Heat Exchange Co.,Ltd.
Yard1, Hongye East Road, Daxing District, Beijing, China
Yard1, Hongye East Road, Daxing District, Beijing, China