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Plate Heat Exchanger for Domestic Hot Water

A plate heat exchanger for domestic hot water is specifically designed for heating water in residential or small-scale applications. It operates on the same working principle as described earlier, but with some specific considerations for domestic hot water systems.

The Working Principle of Plate Heat Exchanger for Domestic Hot Water

Domestic Hot Water Circulation: In a typical setup, cold water from the mains enters the domestic hot water system. A circulation pump ensures a continuous flow of water through the system.

Primary Hot Water Flow: The primary hot water, which can be sourced from a boiler, solar collector, or other heating sources, enters the plate heat exchanger through an inlet port. The primary hot water flows through the channels formed by the plates.

Heat Transfer: As the primary hot water passes through the channels, it transfers its heat to the plates. The corrugations on the plates induce turbulence, facilitating efficient heat transfer. The heat is conducted from the primary hot water to the plates.

Domestic Cold Water Flow: The cold water from the mains, which is to be heated, enters the heat exchanger through a separate inlet port. It flows through the channels adjacent to the primary hot water channels.

Heat Exchange: The cold water comes into contact with the opposite side of the plates, which are already heated by the primary hot water. Heat is transferred from the plates to the cold water through conduction, raising the temperature of the domestic cold water.

Outlet Flow: The heated domestic hot water exits the heat exchanger through an outlet port and is ready for use in faucets, showers, or other domestic hot water applications. The cooled primary hot water exits the heat exchanger through another outlet port and is either returned to the heating source for reheating or discharged from the system.

Plate heat exchangers for domestic hot water are compact, efficient, and provide rapid heat transfer. China heat exchanger plate is commonly used in residential buildings, apartments, hotels, and other applications where there is a demand for a continuous supply of hot water. The compact design allows for easy integration into the domestic hot water system, and the ability to clean the plates ensures optimal performance and longevity.


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