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Briefly Describe The Aging Treatment Method And Precautions For The Sealing Gasket Of Plate Heat Exchangers

Replacing the sealing gasket of a plate heat exchanger is not a simple task. Usually, if the operation method is not appropriate, problems such as equipment leakage and liquid leakage may occur. Today, the editor will briefly introduce the precautions for replacing equipment gaskets.

Apply fluorescent testing agent to each equipment board. Check for small cracks and corrosion holes under ultraviolet light irradiation. And clean it again. Additionally. Also, focus on checking the condition of the sealing groove. Trim as needed.

Inspect the bonding position and quality of each heat sink. Classify according to installation order. Then carefully assemble the heat sink group.

After chemical cleaning of the plate heat exchanger. Use a high-pressure blowing device to clean residual chemical media on the surface of equipment, etc.

Inspection and testing of recycling performance. Check the wall thickness of the heat exchanger and pipeline when suspected of rusting.

Clean the aging seals on the equipment. According to different types of dirt. Chemical cleaning is carried out using an acid-base cleaning pool. The surface of the cleaned components will not be corroded by chemical media.

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