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Introduce The Characteristics Of Waste Heat Recovery In Detachable Plate Heat Exchangers

The characteristics of detachable plate heat exchangers for waste heat recovery: Waste heat recovery and utilization can be divided into two ways:

1. The direct recovery method involves directly burning the medium containing waste heat as fuel to release heat for waste heat recovery, or converting the high-temperature heat energy of the heat carrying medium into heat energy through direct radiation for recycling and utilization;

2. Indirect recovery method, which uses a heat exchange device to convert waste heat energy into secondary usable heat energy, is currently a widely used waste heat recovery method.

The detachable plate heat exchanger for waste heat recovery is an indirect recovery method, suitable for the thermal energy conversion process of medium containing waste heat such as gas and liquid. Due to its full countercurrent arrangement and small terminal temperature difference, it is important for low-grade waste heat recovery.

Residual heat "is the part of heat that is discharged into the surrounding atmospheric environment along with the working fluid, and is commonly referred to as" waste heat ". Due to the wide distribution of this heat in industrial production, its amount is also relatively large.

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