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Preliminary Discussion on the Preparation and Main Functions of Plate Heat Exchanger Core Pulling before Hoisting

Plate heat exchangers, as a commonly used heat exchange equipment in our daily lives, have a strong heat exchange effect and good heat exchange efficiency. In fact, everyone knows that equipment has important components, and the core pulling of plate heat exchangers can be said to be such a component. Many people are not yet aware of its main function, Below, we will briefly understand the preparation work and main functions of the core pulling of the lower plate heat exchanger before lifting.

1. When lifting the equipment core from the core extractor, it is not allowed to directly bind the pipe bundle with steel wire ropes or other sharp slings. When the tube bundle is placed horizontally, it needs to be supported on the tube plate or support plate.

2. Before disassembly, timely measure and record the compression length of the plate bundle.

3. During the core pulling process of the plate heat exchanger, the disassembled components should be marked and properly stored.

4. During the core pulling inspection, the core pulling machine should have sufficient pulling force and propulsion force, and be able to automatically align. The gravity stability operation should be flexible and stable. The lifting and core pulling work of the equipment requires everyone to keep relevant records. We need to do some preparatory work before lifting and core pulling. No matter what operation we perform, we must maintain the equipment properly when placed horizontally.

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