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Introduction To Other Functions Of Stainless Steel Fusion Welded Plate Heat Exchanger Unit

1. Fully automatic operation

The stainless steel fusion welded plate heat exchanger unit adopts an automatic operation scheme that can be started with one button, greatly avoiding losses caused by misoperation. After power transmission, the controller operates and the unit starts sequentially after self inspection.

2. Remote monitoring

Reserve a passive dry node communication interface for the controller of the stainless steel fusion welded plate heat exchanger unit. It can collect and observe the outlet temperature and pressure of the unit, the opening of the electric control valve, the operating status and frequency of the water pump, and fault alarms. Can provide RS485 interface and open communication protocol.

3. Protection function

1) Temperature protection: When the temperature of the secondary water supply exceeds the set temperature, the electric control valve will automatically close to prevent loss of control.

2) Power outage protection, after the power outage, all set parameters and operating status parameters remain set before the power outage.

3) Automatic pressure relief function, when the secondary side return water pressure exceeds the standard, the safety valve automatically opens for pressure relief.

4) The timed switching function ensures that each pump has approximately the same operating time by starting different pumps each time.

5) Automatic alarm, once the unit detects a fault, it automatically sends out an audible and visual alarm signal.

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