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Understand The Pressure Loss Of A Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger

A detachable plate heat exchanger is composed of many stamped corrugated thin plates at specific intervals, sealed with gaskets around them, and overlapped and compressed with frames and compression screws. The four corner holes of the plates and gaskets form fluid distribution pipes and collection pipes, while reasonably separating cold and hot fluids to flow in the flow channels on both sides of each plate, and conducting heat exchange through the plates.

Before installing the detachable plate heat exchanger in the new factory, its optimal size and operating components should be analyzed to promote factory operation. When upgrading the sub parts of the factory, the large processing capacity of the equipment may not be considered; Causing a decrease in factory performance and an increase in flow pressure loss.

In many cases, excessive steam pressure losses prevent plants from entering the higher production capacity of the equipment. In order to increase production capacity, processing plants will replace various equipment, which will increase the required capacity.

Excessive pressure loss in detachable plate heat exchangers can also result in a large amount of energy being used to maintain low efficiency in the operation of the exchanger. The capacity and efficiency of a factory can clearly identify equipment that is suitable for economic substitution.

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