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How To Replace The Rubber Sealing Gasket Of The Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger When It Ages

The rubber seal of the detachable plate heat exchanger may age soon after use, so the equipment may show dripping, indicating that the seal may need to be replaced. So how to replace the rubber gasket of the equipment?

1. Performance inspection and testing. Inspect the wall thickness of equipment and pipelines when suspected of rusting.

2. Remove the aging seal, as the rubber has a high viscosity and may have some adhesion. So use a high-pressure blowing device to treat residual chemical media on the surface of removable plate heat exchangers and other surfaces.

3. Focus on checking the condition of the sealing groove and make necessary repairs.

4. The recombined sheet group is clamped in the fixture to cure the adhesive; Heat and maintain insulation in the insulation furnace to achieve good adhesion effect. For non adhesive gaskets, different devices are used to fix the gasket in the heat sink.

5. Inspect the bonding position and quality of each heat sink to see if the sealing is good.

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